Afterthoughts: Reflections of a Vietnam Veteran

My memoir, Afterthoughts: Reflections of a Vietnam Veteran, is more than just my story. From childhood to adolescence, to joining the Marines and ending up in Vietnam, it could easily pertain to thousands of other small-town USA kids growing up during the '50s and '60s. Unlike most related Vietnam stories, mine covers a specific twelve-year period of time in my life, as well as others, and the personal experiences that we encountered growing up during two of the most controversial and historic decades in American history. From the days of American Bandstand to the war in Vietnam, these were two decades filled with many changes, both socially and politically, that very often were radical in their nature. By highlighting those events, along with factual comments, I give the reader a knowledgeable account of what was taking place during that specific period. It's a statement of the times with just enough related facts and anecdotes to enhance the narrative. It also makes reference to many of the songs that were popular at the time so that, hopefully, one could put a place and memory to an event that was special to them as they were with me. I speak to the reader as if we were sitting and having a couple of beers as I tell them of the birth of Rock 'n' Roll, near world annihilation, the assassination of a president, racial unrest, and of course, the Vietnam War, which would divide this country for years. It is told in a frank manner with the tone and language that we used in this period. It is not a tell-all but rather an honest look at the events that took place during these times.

by R.H. Johnson

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