Alyn, along with his two flatmates, were on track to graduate college at the end of the semester, entering the real-life responsibilities of adulthood. Openly differentiated on personal situations regarding work, class, and relations, they were always there for one another throughout the years. Rather than following the landscape, Alyn sought out for an adventure and was primed as he ran across a girl at a concert. Deciding to take a chance to see where his heart led him, he set off on an endeavor toward finding what could be his eternal or his perpetuation.

Following rudimentary rituals, Alyn walked a tightrope between his aspirations and those around him; however, he yearned to fathom his dreams into flourished fruition. Rather than being stuck in an endless wheel of the mundane routine, passion and persistence pushed him to facilitate his plan with no regard to those he accidently accepted into his life. Though not as simple of a task as he originally sought, as tethered flirtations incurred, Alyn found an outlet for his agenda, though through a trek that could manifest in mental and physical dire toward others along the venture to South Padre Island for an exciting spring break getaway. Coercing his brother to assist, hoping a childhood friend could prevent a volatile family recurrence. A tale of college kids and Greek-life siblings and lifelong friends who intertwined their journeys as they all chased their own desires, love and betrayal, secrets and deceit, hope and despair.

Yearning to venture toward a piece of potential paradise with their own personal burdens to bear, demons within desire, questioning their self-aptitude of consciousness. Though the trip was one person's journey, all those who entangled themselves brought with them their own perceptions of reality, not understanding that a switch of fate's fuse was ignited.

by David Charles

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