Danny and the Corporate Ladder: The story of a Good guy, a hard choice and the life that led up to it

Danny and the Corporate Ladder is a story. It is a story a friend tells as the narrator talks about their friend. It is the intersection of the relationships in a person's life. Each of the relationships in this book takes us on a site journey where Danny, our main character, spends his time helping others, from being the first person to sign a Little League friend's broken arm to searching for an ancient fossilized shark. Danny is a good person.In the book, we meet Danny's best friend when Danny is a kindergartner. What happens next is the story of a friendship. But it is also the story of falling in love. It is the story of the connection of multiple people and any intersections they have in your life. It is a story of those who influence us and those we control. There is a sidebar story of trying to teach and train snapping turtles to fly, but that is a sidebar.Most importantly, this is a story of a person who spends their life helping others. When Danny encounters a personal problem, without having to ask, all the people Danny had helped come back to help him. They help Danny without question and without being asked. It is a story of friendship and what it means to be a friend.

by Scott Andersen

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