Down Home Cooking with Fran

The book came into existence because I have two sons, and when they moved out, they would call and ask how to fix a certain dish. So for their purpose, I decided to start perfecting my recipes. I started working all my recipes with this idea in mind. My hardest one was the traditional turkey dressing because the recipe has certain spices in it, of course. To get the spices to the right measurement is very important for a quality, tasty dressing. After several tries, I finally got it to my specifications. Like most things, it was onward and upward from there. My friends heard about my recipes, and they started giving me some of their recipes. I adapted them to my recipe cards, and as time went on, I decided to go on ahead and write Down Home Cooking with Fran. As I wrote my recipes, I decided to test them and mark them in my cookbook what we thought they tasted like. As we made our recipes, I had a friend distribute them among friends to get their opinions. One place was the police station, another weekly neighborhood poker party, and several apartment complex occupants and their friends. They have made requests for copies of my cookbooks, one being Down Home Cooking with Fran.

by Frances Gilmore

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