Her Last Plea

Beautiful, loving, outgoing, and warm-hearted, Sylvia Jones life was tragically cut short at only twenty-six, taken by a man whose insane jealousy drove him to commit the ultimate act of aggression.

Close to her mother and her sisters, as well as her best friend Alicia, she nevertheless became trapped in loveless

Relationships with domineering men who only wanted to use her as a punching bags. Once in these relationships, she found it hard to find a way out, to escape from the emotional, mental, and physical abuse, no matter how she tried.

Ultimately she relied on her mother and the strength of her family to help her out in her time of need, and once she was able to finally break free, she never looked back. Then, tragedy struck, and one man who could not take no for an answer did the unthinkable.

Heartbreaking and yet inspiring, Adriene Jones tells her sister's powerful story in Her Last Plea to encourage other women in similar situations to break out and break free.

by Adriene Jones

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