Make Fast to the Heavens

Life was good, food plentiful, wahines happy and accommodating and then, the haoles came back! They were different from the fighting Captain James Cook. These haoles were gentle and more understanding of our ways.The year was 1790 and the crew of the Maryanne included Captain Melling, his son Jonathan, Derrick Roark and his two sons, neither who were too happy about the long voyage. The Pastor and his beautiful red headed wife, Elsbeth, heading to Hawaii to bring Christianity to the Islanders.King Ka'mehameha watched with curiosity! Bringing Christianity was not really acceptable as worshiping only one god was very foreign. Also the pastor was demanding and arrogant.Not everyone was happy with the changes the haoles brought to the Islands.The monarchy was accepting of the haoles ways. Companies started, sandalwood trade started with China and meales killed many Islanders.However, romance, love and the tranquility of the beautiful Islands remained in all it's glory.

by Cecil Hatchard

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