The Police Learning Organization: A Values-Oriented, Ten-Minute Daily Best Practice for Reducing Personal Risk and Organizational Liability

Les Kachurek is leading a movement to inoculate police and other law enforcement practitioners from personal and organizational liability, by inspiring transformational change from traditional paradigms to learning organizations. As a police chief, he used his award-winning, Values-Oriented, Daily Ten-Minute Education and Training Model to lead two police departments to extraordinary levels of innovative change and unprecedented accomplishments.

This industry-wide best practice reduced risk and civil liability by strategically identifying and preventing problems waiting to happen. The values-oriented foundation helps foster a singular, healthy organizational identity, while creating and nurturing learning and accountability partnerships among supervisors, officers, and civilian support staff.

Since it's virtually cost-free, this dynamic approach to police education and training is completely portable. Thus, any law enforcement organization can easily implement it and tailor it to its unique needs and resources. This model interfaces with and improves strategic planning, community-oriented and problem-oriented policing philosophies, intelligence-led endeavors, data collection initiatives, and accreditation efforts.

Citing a wide range of real-life stories, the six chapters provide a synergistic framework upon which police learning organizations can be built, police personnel can be empowered, and trust, loyalty, and holistic wellness thrive – and it all comes down to ten-minutes of daily education.

by Les Kachurek

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