Twisted Ends

"I awoke in total darkness. I felt around trying to get

a sense of where I was. I wasn't even sure I could actually

feel my arms and legs moving. The best I could figure out

was that my surroundings were damp and that the floor beneath

me seemed to be earthen. I wanted to cry out for help

but could not move my mouth. I did not sense a gag or something

else over it, but I definitely could not speak."

These are the impressions of one of the characters who is

unfortunate enough to get trapped in Twisted Ends. Witches,

werewolves, other world aliens, androids and tigers are some

of the others who find themselves in these twisted situations. The

good guy/gal doesn't always win here. Sometimes there's no way

to be sure who has the moral ground. If you find that you can

identify with one or more of the characters, you might have the

makings of a hero/heroine. Or, maybe you should seek immediate

psychological help. I think of myself in the mold defined in a

song by country singer Waylon Jennings -

"I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane."

by Dale Carlson

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