As it seems like the pause button has been pushed on businesses across the world, Newman Springs has been busy creating new partnerships that will bring more exposure to our titles. We just signed a deal with a group of movie professionals to create and produce a short film based upon one of our authors manuscripts. This film will be entered into the most relevant short film festivals across the nation and shopped to the leading studios in hopes to produce a future feature film.

The Newman Springs author chosen for this amazing opportunity will remain in complete control of the rights to their manuscript and will not be responsible for any cost associated with the production of the film or marketing efforts.

We are very excited to take one of our manuscripts and create a short film based upon that manuscript. The film will act as a calling card for that author showcasing a visual story to sell the manuscript to a studio or gain financing for a larger project or cause. Entering the film into festivals is a great way to attract exposure for the title as streaming is now the largest platform for films across the world. Good stories come in all lengths and we believe with the team assembled that this is a major opportunity for one of our authors to jump platforms and have their story told on the big screen.

Entry into the major film festivals start at the beginning of the year so we do need to have a timeline in place. In order to meet those deadlines, we are looking to choose a title in quarter four of 2020 (roughly October). Therefor all authors who have signed an author agreement by 5PM September 30, 2020 will be eligible to have their manuscript chosen for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

As we stay committed to leading the way in the book publishing arena this is an amazing opportunity for one of our authors. Every single one of our titles have a story to tell and we would love to see this opportunity extended to each someday. Thank you for choosing Newman Springs Publishing! We will always stay committed to providing our authors with the very best opportunities in publishing!