7,000+ Song Ideas for the Hit Song Writer: Gold Book

I have put out a thirteen-song album that received over four billion free downloads worldwide on my website. My album is available on Amazon.com under artist name Devin Lane. I have also completed writing a 196-page book with over seven thousand song ideas. I have three more books coming soon, two with more than seven thousand song ideas and one book with over three hundred completed songs. I have also had some song lyrics on ABC News as a title to a Barbara Walter's special on 9/11. I also have had four song ideas go to number 1 on the country and pop charts, three number 1 country songs, one pop song at number 1, and a fifth song idea nominated for Song of the Year in movies at the Oscars. I have also sent over 2,500 song ideas to Nashville, Tennessee, to be used to write songs free of charge.

by Devin Petzoldt

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