A Boy's Life Journey

Midway, it's a movie about WWII, version 2018. Great movie! So Dick Best and Murray are in a complete dive bomb, bullets flying everywhere. Dick has the aircraft carrier dead in his sights. "Murray, 1,800 feet, 1,400 feet, 1,000 feet. Well, center cut. Direct hit! Murray, nice shot!" Somehow they are pulling out of the dive, and they have three zeroes on their tail. Best to Murray, tail gunner. "Get those zeroes off my ass!"We come into this world alone, and we die alone--period. But while we are on this spinning ball of dust, we need one another! I'm so fortunate that I had a lot of people that have helped me. We all need people.I had so much fun writing this book. Like how Anthony Bourdain wrote Kitchen Confidential, I just wanted to write something that was entertaining and true. I think I got it!

by Mark DenDekker

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