A Cop in a Small City: Examining Mission and Integrity

I decided to write these police stories to share with others and to give some insight into how police work and feel. I described real events from my view as a police officer. I also considered the perspectives of others affected by police actions and inactions.

For those who are thinking about a career in law enforcement, I hope that this book provides some information to assist you with this serious decision. For those who are already in law enforcement, I hope this helps maintain high levels of honor and commitment. I also hope you accept that you have flaws in your organization and bring it to a higher level. Motivating hardened police officials to raise standards and to motivate peers is a formidable challenge.

By reading this book, I hope that citizens and law enforcement personnel will expect high standards in the law enforcement professionals serving their community. I hope that this book either helps you improve the integrity in your organization or encourages people without integrity to find another career.

With utmost respect for those who do this job well,

G. Michael Sanborn

by G. Michael Sanborn

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