A Day In The Wetlands

Maud Helen Smith Parker was an artist, poet, and writer. A mother of eleven children, twenty grandchildren, twenty-one great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren, she lived to see four generations in her time. A New Orleans native, her love for nature and the bayou is a story told through her eyes since her childhood. She enjoyed listening to blues, jazz, and classical music, and even taught herself to play piano.

With over a decade of writing short stories, comic strips, cookbooks, and obituaries for the local paper, Maud was a uniquely wry voice that shines through her latest work A Day in the Wetlands, on the importance we place on legacy and letting the good times roll.

A professionally trained nurse, Maud spent the last decade during retirement reading, completing a creative writing course in Atlanta, Georgia, and writing a romance novel, giving her characters palpable spark. As a historian, Maud spent over a decade researching World War II.

Maud traveled the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, learning about the region and walking the paths of her characters. Maud has been a lifelong writer and first began creating other worlds and characters since the third grade.

Maud passed away in August 2019 of natural causes before this book was published.

by Maud S.

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