A Disciplined Mind and a Plan to Achieve It

The basic premise of what Paul will be presenting in his book is that an individual's happiness, success, and fulfillment in life stem from their thoughts. To achieve maximum success, it is imperative to keep our thoughts calm, positive, constructive, and rational. The key to creating that mental process is a disciplined mind. This disciplined mind helps us control our thoughts, deal with life's inevitable ups and downs as well as keeping our feelings and emotions in check. He will also explain the importance of self-talk and how to redirect our self-talk from adversary to ally.

What makes this book different from so many other self-help books is that a Disciplined Mind gives us a very clear plan on how to make changes in our life. You will be provided with a step-by-step plan which will assist in getting our mind to work for us and not against us. Perhaps the greatest strength of this book is that it takes what can be perceived as complex psychological issues and breaks them down into easier understood concepts which anyone can implement.

by Paul Halpine

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