A Fear When Dead Rise

Welcome to Ouroboros City. A beautiful Midwestern city home to the largest pharmaceutical enterprise on earth. Local landmarks consist of, but aren't limited to, an old abandoned castle, the large town square where the mayor holds a speech every Friday. Visit the small park near the mall or even the camps near the local hiking trails in the woods. Our city is protected by the WASP Task Force as well as the local police department.

Due to recent attacks in the woods and near the hiking trail, both the trail and the woods are considered off-limits until further notice.

If you want an extended stay, try the local businesses; the hotels, houses, and apartments are decently priced and will make you feel right at home. The restaurants, stores, and amusement parks will accommodate your stay. Visit the small park near the mall or the camps near the hiking trails. The fresh air will soothe your mind and body as you gaze at the night's skyline.

Due to the recent attacks in the woods, a curfew has been placed over the city, and all parks will remain closed for the time being.

Please note that due to recent activity, certain events will be postponed until WASP investigates the tragic deaths of multiple innocents. But do not fear, local police will not rest until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

by Daryn Bullock

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