A Forever Day

This is a historical fiction in that two of the main characters were significant and well publicized dangerous historical figures at the time this story takes place. However, the man involved with them and relating this story is a widower living alone with his dog in a sparsely populated area of northwestern Louisiana in the spring of 1934. So it is not a real surprise that he did not know or recognize them as a potential danger.

Despite the young couple's deadly reputation, the three of them spent a delightful day of fishing, eating and drinking, revealing a little of their youth, but none of their current life. The two strangers were relaxed and seemed to be enjoying themselves, except for an occasion with a drunken pistol, which was laughed off by the shooter, but not the host. The young man enjoyed fishing by himself, leaving the host to get better acquainted with the attractive young visitor who liked wine and the host. As you read this book, many of you, shall we say mature, will probably determine quickly who the historical couple is, however many young people may not until near the end when they are revealed to the man who is telling the story at his party.

by Allan D. Lund

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