A God's Game

We each control the path in life we take…or so we like to believe.

More often than not, events in our lives are far out of our control. Groups of young adults learn this fact the hard way when three brothers come to Earth and claim to be the gods of games. These three gods, in an effort to end their century-long boredom, decide to use these humans as game pieces see which group of humans come out on top. Unfortunately, in order for some humans to win, many must die. And just like humans, each take this matter differently: some accept, others deny, and few look for another way. But regardless of how they may feel, one fact that can't be avoided is that blood will spill. This situation or this game, known as Warterria, will push the humans to the brink. The human psyche will be tormented and tested. And in order to survive, some will have to relive the horrible darkness of their past while others discover the ugly monster that exists within them. Will the humans tear each other apart in order to preserve their own life, or will they work together to stop the true enemy and put an end to a god's game?

by Andrew Whyte

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