A Guide to VA Benefits

Welcome to the world of VA benefits. Picking up and reading this book is a good place to start. The book is set up in a realistic scenario of a soldier getting off active duty/retiring. It's appropriate for all uniformed services. It's an easy to understand guide geared to navigating VA benefits. Each of the chapters stand on their own.

Navigating your military benefits after leaving the service can be a daunting task at best. When I got off active duty, I was given a packet with documents in it. I was told good luck and to have a good day. There were many things I was entitled to that I didn't know about. Navigating VA benefits is full of complications and you don't have anyone to help guide you through it all. This book is aimed at simplifying the process through easy to understand narratives and job aids, all so you can get what you earned after the time you put in. Procedures are included that show how to examine important documents such as the DD Form 214 along with narratives and job aids on how to fill out and where to send important VA and selected government forms. For instance, few veterans understand how to examine the DD Form 214 (the most important form in applying for VA benefits). This book presents a properly filled out DD Form 214 to use when examining yours. There are codes on the DD Form 214 that few people know about. The book describes them all. If the veteran is considering a new career, a cross walk is included that shows what the military/civilian equivalencies are. It also gives information about which career fields are fastest growing and which might be a bit slower. The veteran can use this information along with a GI Bill education to enter a career of the best value to both the veteran and family. I wasn't told about any of this, but the book outlines them in an easy to understand narrative.

You have made a big life altering step in deciding to leave active duty or retiring from the military. Good luck to you all. I know this book will help you along the way.

by Jonathan Lord

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