A Healing Love

There is an old saying that states that fate works in mysterious ways and has a way of working things out as they should be at the right time.He is a successful, good-looking, caring doctor. A good, loving man. Though sought after by women, he is a confirmed bachelor. He scoffs at his grandfather's vision about him meeting his wolf-mate but does as he is asked and keeps an open mind and heart.With the passing of her husband shortly after her mother's passing, she can finally see an end to the lifetime of mental, emotional, and physical abuse she has dealt with at their hands. Though she's a very beautiful, loving, caring, woman, the abuse left her feeling unworthy and undeserving of ever finding true love and happiness.Their lives were very intertwined without either being aware of the other. Until fate stepped in to bring them together.They knew there was something special about the other as soon as their eyes met. They knew it was more than just physical attraction at the first innocent touch. They were connected somehow.His medical knowledge can help her physically after a stalker leaves her body broken, but can his love heal the scars left from the abuse she has suffered?

by JD Hudson

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