A Lady Named Gina: The Authorized Biography of Gina Eugene

The purpose of this book is to share a truly unique story. Naturally, the oddities and anomalies contained therein cannot be discarded without reflective thought. Test your judgment as you decide for yourselves what you will walk away believing, if anything at all. We hope to inform and inspire the reader with a tale of the likes of which has yet to be told.

Prepare to uncover, open, and enjoy this most precious time capsule from the vault of the human spirit. Treasure this most splendid blessing. It was divinely inspired to provide a historical account of one's life for the intended purpose of promoting love, forgiveness, and goodwill.

Isimangaliso. Miracle. Qíjī. Milagro. Kiseki. Mrekulli. Csoda. Miracolo. Θαύμα. Kraftaverk. Miraculum. Чудо. معجزة. נס. Ọrụ ebube. Wunder. Gijeog. Miracle. Mûcîze. Brīnums. Keajaiban. Himalang. Ke hana mana. Mirakel. Цуд. Ihme. चमत्कार. Miraklu. Гайхамшиг. Vavega. Chishamiso. Čudež. Mucjiso. Kaajaiban. Miracle. Muujiza. Iyanu. Miraculum. Miracle.

by Luidgi Mary

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