A Life Remembered

When I first thought about writing this book, I struggled with names for the characters. Do I write factual events or create them? How deeply should I go into my story? And the list went on and on.

For years, I jotted down ideas and toyed with being open and honest about my life's journey, both the good and the ugly; and then I finally came to the realization, if I can help just one person in their struggles by being truly honest, then that was the best way to go about writing this book.

And so I began the journey of unveiling my trials and tribulations as well as my many joys to you, the reader, so that you could experience those moments and take away from each chapter something that may help you realize that you are special and that you have unique talents that only you can bring into this world. My message is never give up and always remember that change begins with you!

by Deborah Ann O’Neil

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