A Promise to Azfal

A Promise to Azfal is filled with heartache, love, and betrayal. Devout Jassim, watches in horror alongside his grandfather, Azfal, as bombs shower Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The boy is forced to live in Italy with the family patriarch due to the precarious conditions in his hometown. Months of watching the news coverage ends with one horrible phone call; Jassim's parents did not survive the attack. Azfal, a museum curator living in Palestrina, Italy, loses his blissful demeanor and becomes enraged. Once the U.S. President calls the invasion a “modern day crusade,” he views the events as a religious war. Our hero, Jassim, has a difficult decision to make. He can further his sports career and chase fame, fortune, and love. Or, he can convert from Islam to Catholicism and become a high-ranking priest with the sole purpose of revealing damaging church secrets, fulfilling the promise he made to Azfal and bring down the most powerful religious organization in the world.

by Peter Teixeira

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