A Singer's Compass: A Journey Exploring the Internal Power of Your Singing

Cassandra Claude is a Miami-based vocal instructor, as well as a vocal health consultant training performer since 2005. Exclusively specializing in diverse vocal technique for optimal versatility and longevity. Cassandra works with singers to achieve a voice that can move healthily and easily through a variety of genres. Her students consist of professional singers, committed young performers, professional voice users (actors, radio personalities, public speakers, teachers), as well as dedicated therapeutic singers (voice lessons to release day to day fear, anxieties, or trauma). Cassandra specializes in technique and vocal pedagogy, thus producing singers that mesmerize audiences through pure tonal ability and skill of the vocal instrument. Yet beyond that, her goal with these singers is to produce a confident and honest vocalist with a timeless voice that stands out and where proper technique is a mere seamless and invisible force of their foundation. Her philosophy of teaching singing involves the “whole self” where she invites them to explore beyond technique and into the depths of their mind and soul as a singer.

An accomplished and in demand voice teacher, Cassandra has become a staple and representation of fine vocal technique to emerging singers today. Her voice lessons remarkably not only educate but also enrich, enlighten, and nourish the appreciation of vocal performance. After she earned a bachelor's in music education from Florida International University and began teaching, her passion to enrich lives through a person's individual voice, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, led her to create her own voice studio and later develop Performing Arts Mastermind. Cassandra subsequently went back to school to earn a master's in business administration in entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University to provide better leadership in this realm. Along with performing and degrees, Cassandra holds certifications in Reiki, Feng Shui and Sound Healing. She continually studies the art of singing and the music industry while being an active member of NATS, FMEA, FVA and APME. Through her work, experience, and continuous professional development, she knows what it takes to produce exciting, unique singers.

by Cassandra Claude

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