A Study in Sherlock: Watson's Notebook

Since he first appeared in the 1887 Beeton's Christmas annual A Study in Scarlet, a great deal has been written about Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary character, the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

Now, for the first time, Raymond G. Farney offers a concise, case-by-case compendium of these Sherlockian adventures. In an easy-to-read format, Farney presents a study of each Sherlock Holmes novel and short story. Each case is broken down in a similar format, covering fast facts on the publication, the plot, and the outcome of the story itself. The studies include information such as Characters, Crime, Victim, Crime Scene, Timeline, Evidence & Clues, and, of course, Holmes' own Observations & Deductions.

A Study in Sherlock is a comprehensive treasure trove of Holmesian information—and a must-read for any Holmes aficionado!

RAYMOND G. FARNEY is a retired business owner who designed and built new residential homes at the New Jersey shore and since childhood an avid reader of Sherlock Holmes stories.

by Raymond G. Farney

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