A Tale of the Vienna Woods

Martin Sands was a young American soldier stationed at an American military base in Germany during the early 1950s. Martin often visited a Kinderheim where he became close friends with one of the nuns, who later introduced him to Marianne, mother of a five-year-old named Kurt. At first distant and intimidated by the American soldier during the months and years that followed, Marianne and Martin developed an intimate and trusting relationship. Marianne confided her story of how her husband Hugo, a successful international investment banker, had been recruited by the SS to secretly deliver quantities of gold to Switzerland.

In 1945, as the allies were approaching the fatherland and defeat of the Third Reich was inevitable, and during the last of the deliveries of gold to Switzerland, Hugo was assassinated by his SS escorts. Unknown to them, Hugo had been confiding his clandestine activities to his wife. A Tale of the Vienna Woods is Marianne's tragic story as related to Martin.

by Anthony Arena

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