A Tie That Binds

James Antonio was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1943. After a two-year stint as an army paratrooper, he attended Indiana University in Bloomiington, Indiana where he majored in business and philosophy. From college, he joined the corporate world as a Yellow Pages representative for the Bell Telephone System. It was here that he challenged the age-old corporate rule of the necktie for men. He was fired for that decision and later went on to become the first man in the nation to file his unprecedented federal sex discrimination lawsuit against a major corporation for violating his civil rights.

A Tie That Binds is a story that not only tackles the human relationship, but also timeless philosophical questions of morality and prejudice. It is about bucking the system, of rejecting corporate greed and extravagance after having been drawn into it. It is about love and heartbreak, losing and winning. It is one man's story of his search for self, his search for truth and justice.

by James Antonio

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