A to Zoo: 26 Animal Alphabet Adventures

A to Zoo has 26 amazing animal stories your kids will want to hear over and over again. Designed for today's busy lifestyle, each story entertains, teaches a lesson, and best of all can be read in under five minutes. In each story the animal and its name begin with the same letter. A is Artie the Aardvark, B is Billy the Bear, etc. helping children learn the alphabet. In each adventure the character deals with one of the challenges of growing up. See what Peter the Puma does when he's dared to jump across devil's pass. Learn why Ellie the Elephant is so good at brushing her teeth. See the table of contents for all the situations addressed in this book. It's the perfect way for teachers to discuss any issue because it addresses the character's behavior and not the child's. A to Zoo is a great “read to me” book that becomes perfect for young readers as they already love the stories. A to Zoo is a must have for parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone who interacts with children pre-k thru fourth grade.

by Joe Conroy

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