A Walk in the Past

Walk in the Past is a beautiful story of growth and friendship, inspired by the art and artists of the Utah Indian tribes.

Dr. Torri Taylor is beginning her medical practice in an unexpected place. A place she never would have considered a few years earlier.

Feeling guided to do so, Torri takes a position in a small Utah town where she will have the opportunity to serve not only the people of the town but also the neighboring Indian reservation. Building the clinic from nothing, she creates a team of surprising and interesting women who learn to help, support, and rely on one another. She is confronted by things she may never have seen in a big city practice.

Bill Ray, a local artist, takes Torri under his wing. He introduces her to the culture, people, and art of the Kuchu Indians and helps her to find her place in her new surroundings. He becomes not only her friend and mentor but also an inspiration.

by Linda Duering

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