A Workbook Just For You

The workbook, A Workbook Just for You, covers all the basics a child needs enteringschool. From ABCs and 123s to words and math, a child will be taught essential educationalconcepts in a fun and engaging way. It is designed to focus on what every child should knowand gives parents a guide to help their children love school and be ready for their first dayof school. Ms. Okodogbe highlights some of her favorite topics she enjoyed learning at avery young age and put it all together for other children to understand. These topicsinclude ¨All About Me¨, words, math, colors, rhymes, shapes, and other educationalsubjects. Each child is allowed to design and write in their book to make it their own. Italso focuses on the child memorizing his or her name, age, address, phone number, andother important details with the help of the parents. This colorful and picture-filled bookwill make every child excited for school and parents ready for their children's futureacademic endeavors.

by Favour Okodogbe

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