A World Without You: Keeping Secrets: Book Two

Scott Furman is intelligent, trustworthy, and lives in the lower-class town of South Hillside. His secret relationship with wealthy, attractive Briana Johnson remains strong even when the odds are stacked against them. Scott delicately handles and protects Felicia, his sister-like neighbor, who is in love with him and bound and determined they were meant to be together. Scott's life takes a surprising twist when he finally learns the life-changing decision his parents made sixteen years earlier which caused his mother's emotional turmoil. Unable to mention this newfound knowledge to any family members or friends, Scott must keep a second secret from being revealed. He never realized the outcome of his parents' decision at his birth would ultimately lead him to finally venture into North Hillside and meet Briana's parents who would denounce him if they knew he resided in South Hillside.

by A. Peterson

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