Abby Tabby-Tail Finds a Family

When Mama brings home a foundling kitten, Maggie Baggie-Bottom, Cassie Sassy-Puss, and Molly Jolly-Collie are less than thrilled. Maggie is most concerned about interlopers at her food dish. Molly already has her paws full watching out for her two feline sisters. But Cassie has the worst cattitude toward the newcomer. She likes things the way they are, and she does not want another sister— especially a goofy-looking half-Siamese half-tabby kitten with a “stupid stripy tail.”

In this charming story, the furry foursome learn to accept and appreciate one another despite their differences. Abby Tabby-Tail explores sibling rivalry, pride in one's individuality, and what constitutes a family. So curl up, share this book, and celebrate what makes you unique!

by Kristine Montgomery

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