According to Me

Step inside the world of a woman who has been on a journey before she even knew it started, from the day she was born, July 7, 1968, in Florida.She began her life in one state, with one path defined by people she would not even know until she was an adult and some she would never know at all. That path would take her out of that state, and that period throughout childhood, some pitfalls, and the huge life-changing reveal that would collapse her world forever.According to Me is told by a late-discovery adoptee, a woman who commonly refers to herself as all the stages of her life: a bastard, an orphan, a foster child, an adoptee, a daughter, and a mother. Follow her heart as it is broken by what she learns. This story takes you through her journey of adoption discovery, self-discovery, and finding biological answers to decades-old lies.

by Katherine M. Gionakis

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