Dr. Jeffrey Mongroll II created a monster out of his grief for the loss of his father. He vowed that he would create the perfect humanoid that would thrive in this world to take over humans as we know. It escaped into the waters of the Willamette River of Portland, Oregon. This creature if left to live will be the extinction of all mankind.

Detective Pete Rodrequiz, a transplant from the state of Texas, and his new partner, Johnny Rodrequiz, are given the assignment. Death occurred caused by this vicious illusive creature. The invisible killer baffled Pete. Why is there death of the innocent? Pete confronted Dr. Mongroll. There seemed no way to stop this killer until his team is given a break. The creature was seen. Pete requested help from Dr. Robis, a marine biologist, Dr. Mongroll and his colleagues, and the Navy SEAL Team.

The story will take you into an intense ride of fear—a fear of what lurks in the depth of the river.

In the depth of the Willamette, the creature attacks the Navy SEAL Team and the submersible with Dr. Robis and Dr. Mongroll and his colleagues. They stared on as the creature killed many of the SEAL Team.

Back on the deck of the coast guard ship, the battle for life between man and the creature and life as we know it began.

by David Davila

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