Adam & Eve from Darkness into the Light

Here I am now in the twenty-third century. The universe has not changed in more than two hundred years. There is still one race of beings trying to enslave another. For me, the grandchild of former slaves, my journey began in the 1940s with a light in the sky. Visiting a small town in the Southwest United States, I was captured by an alien life-form and altered by experiments by the aliens. Now the year was 2268. I was now in my grandparents' shoes, a slave to these Homo reptilian.

This alien life had set out to make the human race extinct. I was now a mere sexual toy for their pleasure, a pawn of a mother and daughter to be fought over. I was sucked dry mentally and physically by these females. The subject of a betrayal by people in the human Alliance. They took from me what it took me a lifetime to build.

Once I had been enslaved, I was fixed with both a physical and emotional ball and chain then placed in an already-made family with six daughters. These females had altered my life in never-ending ways. Because of them, I found myself being chased across the universe by these Homo reptilians and the human betrayers in the Alliance. Slavery had brought seven beautiful and brilliant females into my life. Also it had melded two worlds into one world. Because of this, my world had become a hell of a lot more dangerous than ever.

by Michael T. Stargrove

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