Adour, being the son of not only a nobleman but the son of the first knight of Baron Gossburg V, left him with little options as to his destiny. Since the day he was born, it was determined that he would become not only a knight of the realm, as was his father and his father before him. However, to his father's delight, Adour was prophesied to become the “greatest knight that ever lived” by the local witch. Adour had other ideas, which was to become a dragon rider. This left Adour with a dilemma as his father was determined that Adour became a knight. To make matters worse, Adour's father hated the dragon riders and would not have anything to do with them.

As fate would have it, Adour's destiny would be turned upside down after his encounter with the witch Geldaron. His world would be further impacted when he took a trip the capital city of Vestburgen in the Kingdom of Tertianland, as that day just happened to be a very special day in the kingdom. That day was the day of the bonding, where the new dragon rider acolytes are chosen by the newly hatched baby dragons. At least some of them might get chosen, which is determined by the number of actual hatchlings, as there are always more acolytes than hatchings. The reason for this is to be sure there are enough acolytes for the hatchings.

by A.S. Hernandez

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