A Good Divorce Begins Here: A Guide to Surviving and Thriving Afterward A Paradiso Press Book

Your divorce does not have to be a bad divorce. It doesn't have to break you, spiritually or otherwise. It doesn't have to be the end of everything you knew. Your marriage can just end if you want it to just end. Even if it's not your choice, it is your option.

What People Are Saying about A Good Divorce Begins Here:

As a woman, my first response is, “Thank heaven for this book!” My second is to send it to all my friends who need it more than they know. (Catherine W.)

Tom Sturges personally guided me through the most challenging time in my life while emphasizing the fundamental concepts in this book. A must-read for anyone to help navigate a life-changing event like divorce successfully. (Dr. Leo R., USMC – after four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan)

I wish this book had been around when I was going through my divorce! (Scott T.)

A great read. Like having a conversation with a knowledgeable and good friend. Succinct and to the point with specific and clear advice about practical ways to achieve a successful divorce and lead a happy life afterwards. A special bonus of the book is Tom's advice on how to successfully relate to your children after a divorce. (Kay M.)  

The chief cause of divorce is marriage! (Groucho Marx)

by Tom Sturges

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