Aldon the Sloth

Aldon the sloth had always been happy in his tree. He would spend his days watching his friends play on the ground below. He starts thinking he might be missing out on the fun. Maybe it isn't so great being a sloth. His friends could do so much more than he could. He decides that it would be better if he climbed down from his tree and try to be something different. One by one he asks his friends to show him how to be more like they are and not so much like a sloth. As he tries being like everyone else, will he be happy? When his friends decide to be more like Aldon, will they succeed? Will they find it so easy to be a sloth? Will Aldon and his friends learn that even though it is fun to play with your friends and do things together, it is more important to be yourself? Everyone is special, and everyone has a unique talent to offer others. Let's see what they learn from these fun days of discovery.

by Teresa Sammons

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