Alien vs. 101st Airborne

This is a story about an alien species coming to earth one hundred thousand years ago to mine for fossil fuels. The most important thing the aliens did was engineering the early stages of mankind as a slave-labor force to assist the aliens in procuring more fossil fuels to build cities back on their home planet. After the aliens mined what they needed for their home world, they taught mankind how to use our natural resources, to increase agriculture production, and how to build our own cities. While mining fossil fuels which are useful in electricity, wealth building, and cosmic space travel, the aliens were placing humans all around the world so that one day they would observe them fighting each other for resources, expansion, and religious rule. The aliens observe the warfare as entertainment. This leads to men and women being hunted for Predator sport.

The aliens abduct the 101st Airborne to an alien hunting planet. The 101st Airborne will be forced to do anything to survive and avoid a painful demise from being the alien's prey. The 101st Airborne will engage with other abducted groups from the world and ultimately combine forces for one epic, final battle against their captors!

by Hunter Frye

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