All Children Go to Heaven: A Memoir

It shouldn't be that difficult to have free will, right? After all, according to religion, that's what we were put here for. Between love, betrayal, and the sought-for happiness, Vera Zenovia talks about the inner turmoil of being a human being in a scary world. Her experiences and perspective through her eyes and mind show that it's okay to be human with human thoughts…because no one is born perfect. She talks about her spirituality, her battle with depression as a survivor of sexual abuse, and the road to being content in the world. And through it comes disaster, hurt, helplessness, worthlessness, and hopelessness, and the impossibility of a fulfilling life through mental slavery. She talks about her ambition for success and the will to want something good in life, for with it comes disappointment, envy, and judgment from herself and others. Love in all aspects is part of that life. But when too much love kills you and breaks you, when is your breaking point? When you are lost in the dark because you decided to walk away from the one you thought would be the light in your world, where do you go? When you thought you could trust your instincts and guts when you're told to trust it, who do you go to? Zenovia gives her outlook in the perspective that that struggle is simply part of the walk in life. There is always a light at the end of every tunnel, and if you can't see that light, there is always someone to be your lantern.

by MiAh Medina

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