America: Living in the Spirit of Laodicea

This book is written for Christians in America (or worldwide) that are upset with how arising situations in America are turning their back on God.

This is not the time to turn the other cheek. It is a time to stand up and have the Third Great Awakening in America or remain silent as a majority and feel God's wrath.

With a proven formula for success—how to return to God by one person, one family, one community, one city, one county, one state and one nation—you'll learn

• the power of morning prayer,

• no more compromising,

• “Just call me when you need me” Jesus,

• God is love, and you can love like Him,

• to be alert as to the signs,

• recognizing you (we) have a defeated enemy,

• how to begin this battle at home,

• about God and His people, and

• much more.

Featuring easy-to-follow one-day reading with a lifetime of transforming from individual to a nation.

If you, as a confirmed Christian, don't agree with how our nations is headed, then this is a must-read book to keep our nation we love transformed back to the country we were.

by Paul Kamzelski

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