American Pimps: The Vinnie Mac Story

Vinnie Mac grew up in the streets as a nickel-and-dime hustler. He left his hometown of Long Beach and went to Job Corps in Utah. That trip would change his life forever. Vinnie, having his first baby at seventeen years old, went to Job Corps to finish his last year of high school and learn a trade. He became a cook; in the meantime, his first love and his baby momma couldn't stand him being gone, and she found herself another man. Vinnie decided to become a pimp. Through trial and error, he built his stable with some of the baddest bitches and became one of the biggest pimps on the West Coast.This novel takes a look into the secret world of a West Coast player and his team of prostitutes.American Pimps: The Vinnie Mac Story is an explosive urban tale from the streets of Long Beach, California, the home of gamblers, hustlers, players, pimps, and gangbangers. The streets will eat you alive if you don't watch your back!It's about sex, drugs, money, cars, clothes, and jewelry. Vinnie's living the good life on top of the world until it turned into jealousy, deceit, envy, and then murder, then payback.

by Vincent E. Jordan

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