American Wolf Team: Search and Rescue

Barefoot Joe, a Navajo, and Yellow Flame, Joe's longtime, hot-tempered friend, spent five years together in the US Army and became rangers in the K-9 unit. Ambitious he-men fueled by muscles and youth, they are handpicked to participate in an experimental training program learning to pilot helicopters and carry out covert missions, all with the help of some gung ho four-legged foot soldiers, their trusty German shepherds.

Meanwhile, upon entering a photo competition, Yellow Flame is one out of ten servicemen in the running. His final challenge? He must ace a personal interview with gorgeous supermodel Raquel at a meet and greet on base in Castle, Germany. Within the flash of a Kodak, they find love, but their professions keep them apart.

Barefoot Joe isn't quite as lucky. When it comes to love, he never hits the jackpot. He rummages through relationships looking for the woman of his dreams. Sad and lonely, he and Yellow Flame leave the military with an ad ho government contract that leads them to Yellow Flame's hometown in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Utilizing government resources, they open their own business: Wolf Team Search and Rescue. So, in lieu of love, Joe focuses on Wolf Team and a new litter of half wolf, half German shepherd puppies—until Susan redirects his attention, that is.

The widowed “city girl” with a two-year-old son returns from New York to the “old homeplace” in the country she once shared with her late husband. While she is backtracking her missteps in life in an attempt to find herself, Joe is worrying that she will evict him. Once he learns of her true intentions, things change, and a captivating story of family, dogs, and bonding ensues.

by Stanley Jones

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