Anaya's Journey to the Fifth Dimension

To those of you who ask the author if there is a real Anaya, her response is "No except inside of me and my heart."This is an exciting story with over thirty hand-drawn color illustrations about Anaya's search to find her own truths about the origin of mankind, why are we living here on earth, and where is our journey ultimately taking us.In this book, Anaya merges our current knowledge of science and religion to enlighten us with the concept that all humans have an inheritance from our prime Creator God of eternal life. And also that we are all each connected as one in the human collective as well as with God as being a part of His divine, universal family.Begin your journey with Anaya as she starts her journey with the beginning of God's creation of the Elohim/angels on day 1 and the subsequent creation of man on day 6. This book contains a detailed depiction of the war in heaven that resulted from two hundred fallen angels who devised an evil plan against God to infiltrate, take over, and control the affairs of mankind on earth.God's original plan for earth was for mankind to have a life full of peace, love, and happiness and to learn the lessons of life. These two hundred fallen angels still have control over earth today through the reptilians who rule through the thirteen elite families and by the usage of artificial intelligence. The actions of the two hundred fallen angels began with the fall of Atlantis over twenty-five thousand years ago to our present times.Continue your journey with Anaya as she uncovers ancient hidden knowledge from one of the oldest books known to man, the Ethiopian Bible, as it reveals some of the chosen men God has sent to earth to assist mankind and prepare the way for Jesus to come and redeem from their sins and from the dark shadows of the fallen angels.Journey with Anaya to the end of her ascension journey as she shares in detail her personal ascension experiences and how our prime Creator God sent higher intelligent guides and angels to help in her ascension process and to assist in the evolution and restoration of the planet earth.What a blessed time for all humanity to be living during the golden age of earth as it evolves along with all awakened humans to the new heaven on 5D earth!

by Anita Quinn Billingslea

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