...And Then God Stepped In: My Journey Through Healing A Traumatic Brain Injury

This is more than a book--it's a life-changing experience by the hand of God. Candace Booth gives an honest and spiritual account of traumatic and life changing events in her life. Suffering from a traumatic brain injury that caused coma, severe brain seizures, and paralysis, Candace's journey to health is nothing but miraculous. These short and concise chapters are written in such a way that you experience her spiritual journey from trauma to healing. It was in her journey that she discovered the person of Jesus Christ who she began to realize was the author of her healing. This dynamic story is a testimony of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a witness of God's healing presence giving Candace peace and joy in spite of the huge losses she has suffered. Serving as Candace's priest and pastor over the last few years, I know this book is an expression of her love for God and her obedience to write her story for all to read. I strongly recommend this spiritual memoir to you. You will be greatly encouraged by her story.Rev. Mark A. LaflerEpiscopal PriestSt. Edwards Episcopal ChurchMt. Dora, Florida

by Candace Booth ND, PhD, OSL

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