Arden of Fire A Sky Walker Series

Arden Kress of The Sky has three good reasons to hate humans—her dead father, her dead mother, and her dead brother. When her uncle, king of The Sky, grants a school field trip to visit Earth, Arden is intrigued by the notion of learning about the planet. More than that, she wants—needs to know why her family was slain so brutally by the humans all those years ago.

Arden and her people are called Sky Walkers. They are half human and half phoenix. Their sole purpose is to govern the people of Earth, their enemy. In her quest for the truth, her hate for the humans begins to crumble, not only because she's starting to fall for a human boy named Myth but also because when she uncovers secrets about her people, the phoenix in her burns brighter than anything anyone has ever seen. As Arden's true identity begins to unravel, inspiring fear in both phoenix and human alike, she's faced with an unlikely decision—to raze the Earth to its core or go after the The Sky itself. Both may deserve a reckoning.

Arden Kress, the only blue-feathered phoenix, faces who she is, who she was in centuries past, and who she is meant to be. As all three identities violently collide, can she temper her rage long enough for both worlds to prove that they don't deserve to be destroyed after all?

by Brooke McCatherine

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