Ascali: Book 01 Unaltered Time

For decades in the timeline, the realm has thrived in joyful peace, embracing luxuries and euphoric ways of living which seem will be everlasting to its people. This seemingly endless happiness among the folk may soon come to an end, now that the king has passed; to be burned and buried to rest.

In the heart of the realm sits the capital city Ascali, where the cold, Golden Throne awaits its new ruler; someone much younger and perhaps more wise or perhaps maybe not.

Sir Jason, the famous White Knight of the city, is prepared to battle his way through the upcoming Ascali arena tournament, determined to win the title reward as protector of this new, mysterious king; the next and new king who'll sit the Golden Throne in the city of Ascali.


Book 01 of the fantasy epic, Unaltered Time

by Joe Reyes

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