A Simply Pur-r-r-fect Journey with Mojo

Hi, friends! Mojo Bin Rahma Buga Buga here! Are you ready for a fascinating time with me?

A Simply Pur-r-r-r-fect Journey With Mojo is a kitty's perspective of the many countries that my people, Esinti, lived and worked in. As you put on your imagination cap, and get excited about learning new things, I'll take you with me to faraway lands. You will learn about people from long ago and what they have given people today.

We have a lot of things to talk about that are important to all human people! Ready…set…let's go!

NOTE: To all big people about how to use this book. If you are little and just want to look at the pictures…I'd love that! If you are older, check out all of the activity pages after each country and have FUN learning! (Fun school—yahoo!) If you are a big people, you will see that some drawings/story is a little different than history…because it's a “kitty's story!” For example…an Assiniboine Indian kitty chasing a herd of mice - not buffalo?…or gators in the Amazon that are sooo friendly? See if you can find some more!

by Cynthia "Esinti" Herbst

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