A Tale of Two Marriages

Pere was born into a middle-class family. His father was the chief priest of the community shrine. Although he was a brilliant boy in his primary and secondary school days, he was not able to go to the university because his father's magnanimity turned out to be a disfavour. His creditors could not pay up. He struggled through life until his father arranged his marriage. Although this marriage was blessed with children, it was a tumultuous one. It was an arranged marriage that was meant to raise children of average or more-than-average heights because the father, the mother, and Pere were below the average heights. Ebiere, the wife, was a tall girl from a family of tall individuals.The marriage was devoid of courtship, which was a foundational error. The marriage crashed irrevocably.

He lived a parlous life until he met a mentor, Ebuka, whose financial assistance and pieces of advice pulled him out of the woods.His first daughter, Jennifer, met her choice and got married to him after a period of courtship. This marriage almost followed that of Pere and Ebiere, her parents; but luckily, there was a detour. They were able to settle themselves and remained married for life.The two marriages remained a contrast.

Pere became a Christian convert after the gospel of change that was preached to him. He became the Achilles tendon of the church that he built. He wished his parents were alive to see the difference between traditional religion and Christianity.

by Ogaranya Tabowei

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