Atticus Wentworth Comes of Age: A Young Lawyer Earns His Stripes in the Courtroom

Roland J. Beckerman is an American author and is coming off the success of Seeking Justice, published by Newman Springs Publishing.

This book, Atticus Wentworth Comes of Age, was born because it needed to establish who Atticus Wentworth really was and is in Seeking Justice. Even though this is a book of fiction, in retrospect, it is based on facts and events regarding stories that were begging and needed to be told. The life of a lawyer has twists and turns the average person doesn't know about or is never told. And this book opens up so many behind-the-scenes incidents that will not only intrigue but will literally open your mind to the truths of the excitement, negatives and positives, and it will allow you to take a peek into the darker side of what it takes to put a case together in an effort to achieve a win for the client.

Even though it is fiction, you must keep in mind it doesn't stray far from actual happenings that put people's lives out in the open, especially in the reality of the courtroom.

by Roland J. Beckerman

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