Austronesia: The Revival

The main objective of this book is to reinstate the family of the forgotten region of Austronesia, and the “Archipelago” presently called “Philippines”. Its story was summarized into nine chapters, while the tenth chapter was the author's opinion to replace the name “Philippines” into “Archesia”.

The first nine chapters was based on a true story where the name “Austronesia” is the introductory feature, followed by the migration of different ethnicity into an Archipelago caused by the breakup of the forgotten region.

The book is written in tri-lingual sentences and contains humorous add-ons including pictures, to serve as evidence that supports the factual story.

As the Archipelago was conquered by the Spanish Empire, the name “Philippines” was derived from King Philip of Spain. From the Spanish Conquistadors (1521) through the invasion of the British Empire (1762) and invasion of the Americans (1898), the “Philippines” had experienced turnovers of rulers.

However after 377 years of its administration in the Philippines, Spain surrendered the territory to the United States of America at the “Treaty of Paris” in December 1898.

Eventually, the Philippine is no longer owned by Spain, and it's appropriate to rename the Archipelago with title such as “Archesia”, which blends with the rest of the “ESIAN” family.

Furthermore, the survey from the American Census Bureau in 2017 concerning reclassifying the inhabitants of the Philippine Island as “Pacific Islanders” in the year 2020, has triggered the author to race against time in presenting the name “ARCHESIA”, if the Filipinos are ready for change.

by Gerardo L. Bautista

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